PRADET established the Fatin Hakmatek services in Baucau Municipality in 2015 with the support of the Australian Government-DFAT and the Asia Foundation’s Nabilan Program. Fatin Hakmatek means Safe Place and PRADET provides emergency assistance to victims of violence with a total of 5 Fatin Hakmateks across Timor-Leste.
During the time from 2015-2019, PRADET’s Fatin Hakmatek Baucau has been able to help 646 clients, who experienced domestic violence. The majority of the clients are women and children, though men are also assisted, if they experience violence.
It was observed that women and children are more vulnerable to experiencing violence when the economic situation of the family is difficult, or they financially depend on their husband. The PRADET-Fatin Hakmatek Baucau has therefore extended their services to include psychosocial interventions that support women economically. The new program aspect is called SEEP, which stands for Social Economic Empowerment Project and provides assistance in the form of small businesses that can generate income to family. Clients, who have accessed the Fatin Hakmatek Services, can now get assessed and receive additional support in the form of a small business.
In 2018-2019, the Fatin Hakmatek Baucau has provided small businesses for 64 women and girls. In 2020 the team supported another 25 selected beneficiaries with small businesses, bringing the total number of new entrepreneurs to 89.
To help the beneficiaries to run their business successfully, PRADET organizes trainings to teach important skills, including basic accounting and business planning. On 12 -14 August 2020, the Fatin Hakmatek Baucau team relized a 3 days business training. The training was opened by the Ms Regina de Sousa, the Representative of Women in Baucau Municipality. During the opening, she appreciated the Fatin Hakmatek Baucau, which keeps supporting the community, particularly protecting vulnerable women and children from violence. The business activities furthermore empower the women economically and help them to be financially independent from the men in their lives.
Additionally addition, the Director of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion (MSSI) of Baucau Municipality, Mr. Guido Ricardo Belo, recognised that PRADET has been a long-time partner of MSSI to support the government to bring forward future development. The government committed to supporting the continuation of this activity in the future.
The Social Economic Empowerment Program in Baucau was supported by the donor “DIMES” and has covered beneficiaries from the Municipalities of Baucau, Vique-que and Lautem.
PRADET also coordinated with partners of the local Micro Credit Institution KAEBAUK in Baucau to facilitate trainings focused on managing money, expenditure, the risk of saving money at home and introduction to the saving process in a bank.
Additionally, the Ministry of Agriculture facilitated training on growing vegetables, fast production, raising animals and treatment. The PRADET materials focused on learning from successful experiences and failed experiences of other business holders to become a guide for the new beneficiaries. This included the talk of a successful former beneficiary to share her experiences to motivate the new beneficiaries who just started up their business and give helpful advice. The aspect of earning their own money to become financially independent was a main driver of motivation for the future business holders.
To assist with long-term success and offering the possibility for a better future, PRADET has created important mechanisms of basic capacity building and training while collaborating closely with local authorities. The provision of the material support to start up the business is only provided after the training and the SEEP staff furthermore assists with technical support and regular monitoring through follow-up visits.
Successful beneficiaries have reported that they manage to use their income to attend to basic daily needs like food and clothing as well as repairing their house and sending their children to school. This shows that the financial empowerment of the beneficiaries also impacts the lives of their families and provides a safe environment for them and their children.
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